The most convenient box which adjusts itself to meet your requirements.

Whether transporting the daily shopping or ski and golf equipment for the entire family, with the new BackBox you are prepared for every situation.

This additional trunk provides you with a variable cubic capacity of at least 300 liters more space for all your activities.

Skis up to 187 cm in length are transported as safely as the camping equipment, your rubber dinghy and a lot more.

For using the BackBox, first the BackCarrier has to be mounted onto the towbar.

The BackCarrier’s extended tilt function enables excellent trunk access even on various vans like the VW T4/T5 or the Mercedes Benz Viano.

The BackBox is available in silver. A Special Edition is available in black and white.

BackBox Videos

The BackBox is made of high quality, high-gloss
and scratch-resistant material.

Security straps, eyelets and foam inserts inside
provide for easy and safe ski or snowboard transportation.

With the universally usable BackCarrier, the
BackBox can be used on other cars, as well.

Item no. 1500 Backbox incl. small inserts


Item no. 1503 Small inserts, width = 1540 mm

Item no. 1504 Medium inserts, width = 1720 mm

Item no. 1505 Large inserts, width = 1900 mm

Item no. 1508 BackSupport - the tilt support

Advantages of the BackBox over a roof box

1. Easy to load and unload

2. No wind noise while driving

3. Better road performance at speeds up to 160 km/h

4. Less fuel consumption

5. More safety by transporting on the towbar

6. Changeable inserts for individual widening of the box

Colors and Individualization:

BackBox Limited Edition Black:

Product features:

Weight (kg)19
Load capacity (kg)57
Length (mm)530
Width (mm)1540 / 1720 / 1900
Height (mm)640
Volume (liter)300 / 312 / 326
Box abschließbar am BackCarrieryes
Central lockingyes
Tiltable if loadedyes
Lighting systemSMD-LED
Guarantee3 years