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BackBox with small inserts (width = 154 cm) and 2 security straps for load securing.


Delivery Time: 5-10 workdays

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Due to high demand, there may be delays in delivery times.

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Attention, cannot be used without one of these products:


Manufacturer's warranty

With us, you buy your bike rack directly from the manufacturer. We grant you a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty that covers any defects. Even damage due to normal wear and tear is covered for 2 years from the date of purchase.

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Technical data

Weight 19,5 kg
Dimensions 53 × 154 × 74 cm
Width in cm with side insert (sold separately)


Load capacity (kg)


Volume (liter)

300 / 326 (with side insert)

BackBox lockable


Lockable on the carrier


Foldable, even loaded


Lighting system


Plug connection



3 years

Product description

The box that grows with your needs.

  • Mounting on the towbar using the BackCarrier
  • Variable capacity of minimum 300 litres
  • Exchangeable side inserts: Small insert = 154 cm, Large insert = 190 cm
  • With large inserts, the transport of skis up to a length of 187 cm is possible
  • Sufficient space for e.g. 4 pairs of skis or 2 large golf bags
  • Box is made of high-quality, high-gloss and scratch-resistant material
  • Lashing straps and eyelets as well as foam inserts for skis inside enable optimal load securing
  • Opening valves in the bottom of the box allow accumulated water to drain off through the vacuum effect while driving
  • Modern and long-lasting LED lights
  • Extended tilt function for e.g. VW California or Mercedes-Benz Marcopolo
  • Pre-assembled, no tools required

Advantages of the BackBox compared to a roof box

This innovative rear rack system revolutionises your driving experience. It allows easy loading and unloading at a comfortable height and reduces wind noise while driving. The improved aerodynamics allow safe driving up to 160 km/h and reduce fuel / energy consumption. With the German patented size adjustment system (EP 2 368 766 B1) you can easily extend the box. Get increased transport efficiency and driving comfort now!
  1. Easier loading and unloading at a comfortable height
  2. No wind noise during the ride
  3. Improved handling and therefore approval for up to 160 km/h
  4. Lower fuel / energy consumption
  5. Increased safety due to transport on the towbar
  6. Exchangeable side inserts to widen the box (size adjustment system patented in DE EP 2 368 766 B1)
Vorteile der BackBox gegen­über einer Dach­box

Extendes tilt function for e.g. VW California or Marcopolo

In addition to the normal tilt funtion, the BackCarrier itself can also be tilted. This involves turning the crank all the way out, which presses against the neck of the towbar. The result is a twice-tilted BackBox, which is now positioned almost horizontally to the ground. To use the extended tilt function, we recommend “BackSupport – the tilt support” (Art.No. 1508). The BackSupport modifies the base frame of the box in such a way that a steel rod can be inserted to provide increased leverage. This makes it much easier to lift the BackBox up again.
  1. Extended tilt function additionally lowers the BackCarrier.
  2. Crank is released all the way out.
  3. BackBox hangs almost horizontally on the ground.
  4. Recommendation for the use of “BackSupport – The tilt support” (Art.No. 1508).
  5. BackSupport makes it easier to lift up again due to the increased leverage.



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