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Manufacturer's warranty

mft grants the following three-year manufacturer's warranty on certain products from the date of purchase. The statutory warranty obligation is not affected by this.

The guarantee covers

Damage due to normal wear and tear:

  • 2 years from date of purchase

All defects due to material or processing faults:

  • 3 years from date of purchase

The manufacturer's warranty applies to the following products


BackBox with small inserts (width = 154 cm) and 2 security straps for load securing.


compact 2e+1

Bike carrier for 2 bikes incl. bag.


BackCarrier FIX4BIKE

Lockable carrying module for the Back System with FIX4BIKE lock.



Bike carrier for 2 bikes.



Bike carrier for 2 bikes.



Customized frame with removable support bar.



Lockable carrying module for the Back System.



Basic frame made of steel.


multi-cargo 2 family spare wheel kit

Modified retaining bar for external spare wheel.


BackBox insert small

2x small insert for width = 154 cm.


BackBox insert large

2x insert large for width = 190 cm incl. foam inserts for ski transportation.


multi-cargo 2 family extension 4th bike

Extension rails incl. double frame holder and strain relief strap.


BackPower extension 3rd bike

Extension rails and frame holder.


aluline extension 3rd bike

Wheel rails and frame holder.



Aluminum transportation platform incl. 2 securing straps for load securing.


BackPower extension 4th bike

Extension rails, 2x double frame holder, strain relief strap.


BackBox Special Edition

BackBox incl. small insert (width = 154 cm) and 2 securing straps for load securing.


Damage due to normal wear and tear (years 1 and 2)

In the event of damage due to normal wear and tear, a replacement part will only be replaced free of charge within Germany. Outside Germany, the shipping costs for the respective part are to be borne by the customer. The amount of the shipping costs can be requested from customer service.

All defects due to material and processing faults (years 1 to 3)

  1. mft undertakes to repair or replace the product at its own expense in the event of a defect within the warranty period. This shall be carried out by mft itself. The right to choose the type of warranty service is at the discretion of mft. There are no further claims under this guarantee.
  2. The guarantee obligation shall only apply in the event of a defect, i.e. in particular not
    • if the defect is caused by improper installation, handling or care, force majeure (e.g. storm, hail, flooding)
    • if the delivery condition has been modified by design or otherwise
    • if the defect has already been rectified by the customer himself or by a third party commissioned by him or if an attempt has been made to repair it.
  3. The guarantee does not cover the costs of indirect or direct consequential damage (e.g. towing costs, parking fees, freight costs, rental car costs, disposal costs, compensation for loss of use, consequential damage to non-guaranteed components). No compensation will be paid for labor or material costs.
  4. The guarantee is valid in all EU countries and Switzerland.

In general

  1. Warranty claims can only be made via mft transport systems GmbH, Almarstraße 9, 74532 Ilshofen, Germany, if the product was purchased directly from mft. The invoice with the date of purchase must be enclosed.
  2. If the product was purchased from a dealer, the warranty claim must be processed via this dealer and the warranty is limited to defects due to material or processing faults. Damage due to normal wear and tear will not be replaced.
  3. The applicable statutory provisions and our General Terms and Conditions remain unaffected by this guarantee.
  4. Any disputes arising from this guarantee shall be governed by German law.

mft transport systems GmbH
Ilshofen, 01.11.2019

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