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Bike carrier for 2 bikes incl. bag.

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Due to high demand, there may be delays in delivery times.


Manufacturer's warranty

With us, you buy your bike rack directly from the manufacturer. We grant you a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty that covers any defects. Even damage due to normal wear and tear is covered for 2 years from the date of purchase.

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Technical data

Weight 16,4 kg
Dimensions 63 × 130 × 64 cm
Own weight deviation

+/- 5 percent

Max. number of bikes


Max. number of e-bikes


Load capacity (kg)


Distance between the bike rails (cm)


Suitable for frame diameter (cm)

2,5 – 8 / 8+

Carrier lockable on the vehicle


Bikes lockable on the carrier


Foldable, even loaded


Lighting system


Plug connection



EU operating license

Meets city crash norm



3 years

Product description

THE bike carrier for e-bikes.

  • Citycrash tested according to DIN 75303
  • Hook up, unfold, drive off!
  • Completely foldable for convenient handling, mounting and storage
  • With Fix4Bike fastener for quick and easy mounting on the Fix4Bike towbar
  • 3-point locking per bike on the bike carrier (same key)
  • Individual retightening and automatic adjustment to the ball head (no pre-adjustment necessary)
  • High-strength steel and aluminium connections in the area of the bearing components for the safe transport of e-bikes up to 30 kg
  • Modern and long-life LED lighting system integrated into UV-, heat- and cold-resistant covering
  • Tilt mechanism with foot pedal allows easy access to the trunk even when the carrier is loaded with bikes
  • Smooth mounting and removal of the bike carrier on the towbar with bag
  • Small storage dimensions: 66 x 73 x 29 cm
  • Integrated stand for easy storage
  • Pre-assembled, no tools required

Extenable to 3 bikes. Even with the extension the folding mechanism is retained.

Does my bike fit on the carrier?

The wheelbase

Basically, the wheelbase (distance between the axles) of your bike is decisive first. The bike carrier has an overall width of 1.30 m. If your wheelbase is not less than 1.10 m and does not exceed the 1.30 m, the bike will stand safely on the carrier platform.

By the way: Very large bikes have a wheelbase of 1,25-1,27 m. Larger bikes are extremely rare to find on the market.

The bike carrier was specially developed for e-bikes. Due to e.g. a mid-mounted motor, a special suspension or the positioning of the battery, the wheelbase of these bikes is often significantly larger than that of “normal” bikes. In the version for 2 bikes, we have therefore concentrated on e-bikes with a wheel base of 1.10 m or more. A bike with a wheelbase smaller than 1.10 m can of course still be transported using the 3rd extension. The extension rails can be moved and thus individually adapted to a smaller bike.


Length of the tire straps (40 or 50 cm?)

Which tire straps are suitable for you, unfortunately, can not be answered in a general way. Here, 3 factors play an important role in combination with each other: the wheelbase, the wheel size and the tire width. Depending on the combination, it may be necessary to convert to the long tire straps (50 cm).

Perhaps you will find yourself in one of the following combinations to make your decision a little easier. Basically, you do not make a mistake with the conversion to long tire straps!

Standard tire straps (40 cm) have worked with:

  • Mountain e-bike: 1.12 cm wheelbase, 27.5″ wheel size, 2.60″ tire width
  • City/trekking e-bike: 1.14 m wheelbase, 28″ wheel size, 1.75″ tire width

Converted to long tire straps (50 cm) at:

  • Mountain bike: 1.18 m wheelbase, 27.5″ wheel size, 2.35″ tire width
  • Mountain bike: 1.24 m wheelbase, 27.5″ wheel size, 2.35″ tire width
  • Mountain e-bike: 1.20 m wheelbase, 27.5″ wheel size, 2.60″ tire width

In all 3 converted variants was still more than enough tire strap available, consequently, even larger models are no problem.

Length of the ratchet strap for the frame (35 or 50 cm?)

We would like to point out that even with e-bikes with intube (integrated) battery, there are usually frame elements that have a small diameter to which you can attach the bike with our ratchet strap in standard length (35 cm). For example, in the area of the seat tube.

The standard frame strap works up to a frame diameter of 80 mm. Beyond that (80+ mm) you need to switch to the long ratchet strap (50 cm).



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